Woman from Odessa

girl from odessa

Calmness is my prime quality. I never fidget or fuss and people around consider me a very sophisticated girl. I can compromise as I believe that its absolutely essential in communication and relations with people! Im trustful and I can keep secrets. Being flexible is also the key quality of my character. I’m a very creative girl and love to call new styles into being. That’s why I’m very much fond of beauty culture and hairdressing. I love the nature, especially various flowers as I believe that they prettify our life that is full of stress and disappointment! I adore animals and find it very interesting to find out everything new about them. As I’m a very out-going lady I have a lot of friends and mates and I enjoy spending time with them – they are all very dear to me and I know that they’ll be there for me if I need them! The man of my dream is a wonderful combination of manliness and facile nature. On one hand he’s very secure and cool; I can always count on him. And on the other hand he’s a real man – he’s decisive and responsible. He can display his affection to me so naturally and is not afraid to seem week at these times. He values his woman and knows that a rare man can feel complete without a decent woman by his side!

Ukraine woman Odessa